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Why Do People Have Colorado Springs CO Sex Addiction?

By Shirley Davis

There is no solid consensus on what causes feminine habit in men and women, but evidence suggests brain chemistry and family environment may have something to do with it. Feminine habit is believed to have much in common with other types of habits such as drugs and alcohol. Even some of the treatment methods are the same. The article will talk more about why do people have Colorado Springs CO Sex Addiction?

Only men are feminine addicts: While this is a commonly held stereotype, it simply is not true. Although there may be fewer women in treatment for feminine craving, women can be as well feminine addicts. According to research it states that up to 12 percent of people who seek out help at the Institute are women. Many do suffer in silent out of fear of being exposed.

Of course not everyone eats candy to the point of diabetes or engages in feminine to the point of habit. These chemical reward mechanisms are present in all healthy individuals and are not bad things when operating correctly. However, in a person suffering from this affliction, the brain is seeking the release of those reward chemicals to the detriment of the person's welfare.

Feminine craving isn't a real craving: There are plenty of people who think that femininely craving isn't a legitimate craving. Often this stereotype exists because people find it hard to believe that someone can be addicted to feminine and femininely activity. Instead believe that these people are just lacking in the ability to control their desires.

When a feminine addict engages in femininely behavior seeking the reward chemicals from the brain, it is often to push out some other sensation, ranging such as guilt, anger, sadness, or pain. The feminine becomes a form of anesthesia or a coping mechanism, one that perpetuates itself as the result of some femininely behaviors, which can then lead to more negative feelings. A feminine addict driven to commit infidelity, even if he does not get caught. This creates a feminine addiction cycle which gets worse over time.

How it affects an Individual Physically: The addict engaging in risky femininely behavior can expose himself to any number of physical problems related to feminine ally transmitted infections and diseases. HIV/AIDS, herpes, Genital injury, genital warts, cervical cancer, and other STDs are common among feminine addicts. In some cases, the addict's desires may even put them in harm's way, resulting in physical injury or even death.

Feminine has been used to sell addictive products. Outright nude women, feminine ally suggestive model poses, and innuendo have all been used and with greater and greater frequency. This means people are constantly being exposed to femininely suggestions; those parts of the brain are consistently under fire, nudging people with a predisposition towards feminine addiction in that direction and leaving those with the problem little reprieve.

Femininely craving is just an excuse for inappropriate behavior: This stereotype is often reinforced by stories that people hear. For example, say a husband has had multiple affairs, lost his job and left his family to face a devastating break-up and financial ruin. The claim is that he is a feminine addict. Others who are looking at the situation tend to believe that he is just using that as an excuse for his actions.

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